The Guild Salon Policies

Skin Tests

Skin tests are required for all ‘on-scalp’ colouring procedures. The product is applied 48 hours before a first appointment and is a very quick behind-the-ears skin test. Highlighting or similar ‘away from scalp’ colouring does not necessarily require prior skin testing.


The Guild is a family friendly salon however we cannot assure the safety of children in a professional environment. We would like to request that young children are carefully looked after in our waiting area with adult supervision for their own safety and your peace of mind.

Booking policy

Bookings requested via our online booking facility require confirmation and we will contact you to confirm your appointment personally by phone or email. When calling The Guild during our busiest times you may be asked to leave a voicemail with your name and telephone number. Please give your details clearly and slowly and be assured that we will return your call at the first possible opportunity.

Pricing Policy

The Guild pricing structure reflects the level of training, education, and practical experience of our stylists. When booking an appointment please ask for a price quote for the services that you will be undertaking. Self employed stylists may offer their own pricing policies as they are not directed by The Guild.

Cancellation Policy

We know that sometimes life gets in the way of appointments. All we ask is that you let us know as soon as possible so that we can reorganise or reallocate your appointment. We reserve the right to apply a 50% charge for non-attendance.


We are endeavouring to make our salon as sustainable as possible and as such we recycle all possible plastic, paper, cardboard and all those highlighting foils too. Tints and chemicals are disposed of responsibly.